Friday, December 11, 2020

What Does Active Consciousness Feel Like?

In Yi Fa Qi Gong, a great emphasis is placed on being in the Active Consciousness. What this means is that while you're doing the exercises it is very important to be present, to "Show Up" to the practice; to be situated in your body and in the moment, attentive to what you are doing. You can't be distracted in your mind; and to avoid this you must pay attention to the sense of your body.

 But some students have asked what this experience feels like; how one can know what the Active Consciousness is like?

When you're REALLY in the "zone" of the Active Consciousness you will feel like you're completely present, sort of like you're right at the front of your body. 

Your breathing will be Qi Breathing, effortlessly centered in the lower dantien point (the spot just below your belly button), and you'll be experiencing the whole of your body as one whole thing. 




You will feel much more solid and real than usual.  You will not be in the head, though you'll still hear your thoughts, they won't feel like where you are and what you're doing, they'll feel like something in the background, like it was a radio playing on a shelf behind you.

You will feel very powerful and your practices will feel very powerful and intuitive.

 These are the signs that you are effectively present in the Active Consciousness.