Friday, April 22, 2016

Qi Gong and Control

The following is a rewriting of advice given in the private teaching group for the Yi Fa Society.  If you are interested in joining the Yi Fa Society, please get in touch!

What does Yi Fa Qi Gong teach us about control?

If you are like most people, you want control, but it is the wrong sort of control.
Your notion of control is based on a feeling of not being in control in the first place.
So in fact, the way you try to be in control is an expression of your lack of control.

REAL control is awareness.

When you can become aware of your body as it is, rather than trying to make it into something else, to force it to behave a certain way, then you take the first step to being a master over yourself.
When you can get to the point that the body is so natural and relaxed that the breath seems to stop, then you have achieved a type of control that can't be compared to anything in common understanding.

The first thing you have to do to gain real control is to accept fear, and carry on anyways.
The second is to be able to relax, to be relaxed.
Think about it, who is in control in a situation?  Let's say on the battlefield, who is in more control: the guy who is freaking out, or the guy who is relaxed?

The next step, in that relaxation, is to be connected to the whole body. You start with an anchor: the lower dantien, the straight spinal column, the breath. But from there the goal is to be inseparable from your whole body as it is.

In a boxing match, who is more in control: the guy who is rigid and tense, or the guy who is fluid and relaxed? The guy who knows his body, or the guy who doesn't? The guy who can think and move as one, or the guy who thinks and only then moves?

If you can relax and be so connected to your body that your breath seems to stop, then you will be in more control than you ever have been in your entire life.

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