Sunday, July 10, 2016

Strength and Fluidity in Qi Gong

 The following is an excerpt from the Level 2 document "The Universal Yi Fa":

When practicing Yi Fa Qi Gong, you should already be aware that all the motions and positions should be
done in a flowing fashion. The posture of the 'lotus palm' mudra is very relaxed, and in the stance only
the back is firm while the rest of the body is relaxed and fluid.

But 'relaxed' and 'weak' are not the same thing. The flow of Qi Gong exercises should always be
understood as 'gentle but strong'. It is not the breakable strength of rigidity but the adaptable strength
of being relaxed but capable of generating tension. The arm motions are done in a soft motion but with
an underlying intensity that can easily convert into tension (such as in the pushing out motions in the
first exercise, where that flowing tension is applied). 

Thus in every detail your body is expressing Yin and Yang at the same time.

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