Thursday, December 10, 2015

What to Expect, and What is Expected, in the Yi Fa Society

In terms of what would be expected of members in the Yi Fa Society, and what you could expect: Members of the Society at Level 1 gain access to a secret Facebook Group where we engage in discussion and teaching, where there are a number of videos and files on I Ching and Yi Fa Qi Gong that are not found in the public venues (like the Yi Fa blog, the Youtube channel, or the Magician's I Ching Group).  They are thus given some additional instructions on these practices not found in public.

However, MOST of the Level 1 work is publicly available (the exercises are on the Youtube Channel, the I Ching material is in the book); the real value of Level 1 is that it is a period of training in developing discipline, and you get personal interaction with a Teacher to answer questions and keep you on track.

Yi Fa Society members can write in the group or to me personally at any time to discuss their practice, answer questions or share/get insights on their experiences.

The really advanced starts to happen from level 2 onward, as you may have seen in the recent blog post revealing the level 2 curriculum: advanced exercises, new teachings, secret I Ching techniques, and other practices that are aligned to a precise curriculum that marks the student's ongoing advancement; each of the 8 levels provide new material that matches where the student should be in their level of awareness and Qi Cultivation.

What is expected of the student is diligent practice: this includes if at all possible practicing the Qi Gong on a daily basis, and following the study program of the I Ching.

This group is not some order that grants symbolic titles or something like that; each level is not based on 'time served' but on actual work done. The point of the levels are to mark and guide further progress, and provide material in a sensible format that actually allows a person to best study what makes sense to study and do at the given point they're at in their spiritual work. So there can be no moving on to the next level unless the lessons of the former have been integrated.

If you are interested in joining the Yi Fa Society, please get in touch with me. Don't be shy!


  1. I am very interested I have gone through Lyme and I survived and know I have a deep appreciation for all life. My wife is naturalpath or N.D. ad we are committed to healing and serving others are whole life. Thanks for your hard work. Ty

    1. Thank you very much! If you could, please add me on Facebook, my ID there is "Swami Anand Nisarg". Once you do, I'll be in touch (if Facebook is not something you're on at all, please let me know).