Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trigram Notes: "Li" The Sun/Primordial Fire

Li has traditionally been translated as “fire”, but this is the concept of pure primordial fire, not the lesser elemental fire.  Thus, the best translation for this trigram is another historical attribution, which would put it in line with what “Li” is meant to represent in western esotericism: “The Sun”. It is sometimes also referred to as “lightning”.  

It is the trigram associated with summer (when the Sun is at its strongest), beauty, the power of clinging. Because it is a single weak line between two strong ones, it is referred to as the “middle daughter”. Its quality is radiance. Its key spiritual concept is “Elegance”.

The Li Trigram in conjunction with other trigrams generally strengthens and makes a hexagram more positive. In general, all the hexagrams that include the trigram of the Sun are among the most positive of all the hexagrams of the I Ching.  Its power is such that it is only diminished when in conjunction with the Moon trigram, its opposite in both form and fortune.

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