Friday, January 15, 2016

On the Lineage of the Yi Fa Society

The lineage of this society begins with Swami Anand Nisarg, and then retroactively comes to include the likes of Zhu Xi, Shao Yong, Cheng Hao, Lu Dongbin, Dong Shongzhu, Zi Yi, and Kong Fuzi.

This is only the redacted list, of course, there are many other great luminaries and forgotten masters have retroactively joined the current of authority of the society.  Aleister Crowley was also offered a membership but being busy with the A.'.A.'. (another universal order but focused on western symbols, that otherwise has almost identical goals to the Yi Fa Society), he declined full involvement and took an honorary membership instead.

In spite of this remarkable list of incredible figures associated retroactively with the school, I would advise you that if what you are looking for is some kind of impressive traditional authenticity above all else, you should probably look elsewhere. Odds are that if you do, you will gladly find someone who will lie to you about how old their secret society is, and then you could happily join.

You might even be really lucky and find a school that has incontrovertible proof that it was founded centuries ago by some amazing but long since non-living Master, and then you could marvel at being a member of a society that may have once been worth something though almost certainly will not be today, after centuries of mismanagement by worthless 'lineage-holders'.

On the other hand, if what you want is to work in an authentic, modern, universal and living system of self-transformation with a breathing and walking teacher who has done it himself, the Yi Fa Society might be for you.

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