Friday, April 14, 2017

Undoing Emotional Attachments Through Yi Fa Qi Gong

Someone at one point asked about how to best handle 'negative' emotional issues that they feel attached to, using Qi Gong.  The following was my reply:

The technique would be very simple: when you begin the level 1 exercise, bring those feelings to mind; engage with those feelings as you do the practice.

Bring your active consciousness into your body, your movements, and your stillness, as usual.

So at this point you bring up the emotional energy trapped by the attachment, and then start to focus on a totally different use of energy: the practice.

"Energy" here really means intensity; the 'intensity' of your feelings tied up in your attachments is a kind of effort(energy).  Give them a different direction, and it can gradually untie the knot of that attachment by putting that same level of intensity into your practice.

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