Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Trigram Notes: Wind/Air

The Wind or Air Trigram consists of a broken line at the base followed by two solid lines above.  Called Sun or Xun it is traditionally translated as “wind”, but its quality is that of the hermetic element of Air, which is also part of its traditional attributions.  

It is sometimes also translated as “wood”, which is correspondent in Taoist alchemy to some of the concepts of the Air element, and like the hermetic air element corresponds to the intellect.  It has a gentle quality, but insistent. Because of its weak line at the bottom, it is called the “eldest daughter”. Its quality is consideration.  Its key spiritual concept is “Flexible”.

In combination with other trigrams, the Air trigram tends to emphasize themes of motion, fluidity, and swiftness.  Well-dignified, it can represent liberation from stuck situations; ill-dignified, it can represent instability or volatility, where prior stability slips away and solid ground is lost.

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