Monday, October 5, 2015

The I Ching's Hyperdimensionality

The image presented here is of the "boolean lattice" arrangement of the I Ching hexagrams.  It demonstrates how the I Ching can be mathematically projected into a sixth dimensional hyper-geometrical prismatic figure. That is to say, some of the hexagrams existing within other hexagrams (nuclearity) are meant to reflect hyper-dimensionality.

So together, the hexagrams are a conceptual of "drawing" time itself in the same way we might draw distance. From the point of view of a sixth-dimensional universe, time would look like a physical object (just like if we existed in a second-dimensional universe depth would not have solid form).

This is difficult even now to wrap our heads around, but it means that the hexagrams of the I Ching collectively are as much a "physical map" of TIME like one could have a physical map of, say, Norway.

Note that this is not a new concept, either, as such ordering is also present in traditional Chinese understandings of the I Ching:


  1. Would you be familiar with Terrence McKenna's i-ching computer?

    1. Yes, I am familiar with it, but I don't have much confidence with most of his speculations, or certainly with his conclusions (re. "timewave zero").