Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Magician's I Ching Facebook Group

The Facebook group created alongside the publication of The Magician's I Ching, the version of the I Ching specifically created for the Yi Fa Society in English, has just reached 800 members.

This group is not just for this particular book, but for the study of the I Ching in general. It has daily postings of people's questions, discussion, information and much advice on how to use the I Ching.  While it is not part of the Yi Fa Society, the Magician's I Ching Facebook Group is a very valuable resource to members of the Yi Fa Society or to anyone at all who is interested in the I Ching and wishes to further their studies of it.

If you are on Facebook, and this is a subject of interest to you, please feel free to join.  Members come from all backgrounds and from a vast range of personal experience with the I Ching: from total beginners to some of the greatest authorities on the subject.

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