Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Trigram Notes: Tui (Water Element/Lake/Marsh)

The trigram “Tui” is traditionally translated as “lake”, but its quality is that of the hermetic element of Water.  It is the deep and still force.  It corresponds to autumn, when nature is slowing down. It is also sometimes translated as “a marsh”, or even a “swamp” (but this is somewhat inaccurate, as it is not meant to have any of the negative connotations westerners associate with swamps).  

It has the quality of the rain, of joy and relaxed pleasure. Because of its broken line at the top, it is called the “youngest daughter”. Its quality is openness. Its key spiritual concept is “Pleasant” (or “Complacent”).

In combination with other trigrams to form hexagrams, the Water trigram has a tendency to push toward a kind of passivity and complacency.  When well-dignified it can considerably reduce the harsher qualities that would otherwise arise in a situation.  But when ill-dignified it can imply laziness or an excess of self-interested sensuality that cause trouble for the querent.

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