Friday, November 20, 2015

External Qi Gong

Yi Fa Qi Gong, as practiced in the Yi Fa Society, is an example of "internal" Qi Gong.  That is, an inner alchemy used for the purpose of creating transformation (Change) in ourselves and our surroundings.

There is also a kind of outer Qi Gong, different from what we practice.  It is usually but not always practiced in the context of some forms of martial arts.  Just like with inner Qi Gong, Qi is cultivated, but here it is applied to the fortifying of the body to be capable of notable physical feats, rather than for inner transformation.

Just like with inner cultivation, outer Qi Gong has a mix of legitimate practices, and frauds.  In this video we see an example of some external Qi Gong applications:

This information is shared for understanding of the differences between inner and outer cultivation, and general interest; with the understanding that Yi Fa Qi Gong and the work of the Yi Fa Society is an inner practice.

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