Monday, February 1, 2016

Trigram Notes: "Kun", The World

Kun is the trigram traditionally translated as “earth”, but its meaning is “The World” (the opposite of Chien, which is “Heaven”). 

Kun is pure Yin, broken lines. It is the worldly power, all the content of creation, weak, the hot force, the feminine, the yoni, darkness, the mother. It is the quality of spaciousness; as Heaven is the “force”, so is World the “field”. Its key spiritual concept is “Receptive”.

Kun is the great nourisher, spacious and vast.  Being passive in nature, its influence in hexagrams is always in relation to the other trigram it is combined with.  More understanding regarding The World trigram can be gleaned from examining Hexagram #2, which is The World doubled; as well as through studying the Confucian commentaries.  Additional information on these are presented in Level 2 of the Yi Fa Society curriculum.

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