Thursday, September 24, 2015

Yi Fa Qi Gong: First Preliminary Practice

This is the first preliminary exercise of Yi Fa Qi Gong: "reaching to heaven".

It is meant to clarify the outer body, removing any blockages and expanding our identification of consciousness outward.

The Yi Fa Society's training program in internal alchemy is based on two pillars: the I Ching and Qi Gong.

Yi Fa Qi Gong operates in harmony with the teaching of the elemental symbols presented in the I Ching.  It is designed mainly for the opening up of awareness and consciousness through a gradual process of physical and mental transformations; it's ultimate goal is Enlightenment.  This makes it different from many of the modern Qi Gong styles which are largely just practiced for good health.

If you are interested in participating in the training program of the Yi Fa Society, please contact me here, on Facebook, or google plus.


  1. Thank you. How does one proceed in this study?

    1. Add me on Facebook, or Google+, and send me a private message.