Monday, September 28, 2015

Qi Breathing

Correct breathing is an essential part of Qi Gong.  The most fundamental practice in Yi Fa Qi Gong is not any of the movement exercises, but rather the regular practice of Qi Breathing.  Fortunately, Qi Breathing is very simple to learn and practice, and can be done at almost any moment throughout the day, allowing the student to cultivate and effectively circulate the Qi drawn into one's being during the practice of the formal exercises.   The essential secret to effective Qi Gong practice is regular Qi Breathing, not only during the practices but throughout the day at various times.

Even if you do not develop a regular practice of Qi Gong, Qi Breathing is a useful practice to do in any circumstance and lends itself to both physical well-being and to an enhancement of general consciousness.

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