Monday, June 6, 2016

Harmony and Approaches to Studying the I Ching

There are so many ways to approach the I Ching. A key Virtue of the practice of I Ching studies is Harmony. Part of what this means is balancing out one's natural tendencies in how to approach I Ching study.

Those who are looking at the I Ching through study of the text may benefit from considering the I Ching through number. 
Those looking at it through number might benefit by considering the I Ching through the imagery. 
Those inclined to consider the imagery of the I Ching might benefit from considering the I Ching through its stories.

Gradually, you can consider all of these directions. It is important to recognize those directions you are already inclined to favor in your study, and balance this out by looking at it through those directions you are less inclined to consider.

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