Monday, September 21, 2015

The Subjects of Level 1 Yi Fa

At its core, the Yi Fa Society training is based on two pillars:  Qi Gong and the I Ching.  The former includes a series of exercises involving motion and stillness that are meant to alter one's relationship to the body and to their surrounding for the express purpose of expanding perception and awareness.  Thus, it also includes the practice of meditation.  The meditation practices of Qi Breathing and silent meditation are the essential underpinnings of the entire system.

The I Ching is not just a divination system, although learning how to perform divination with the I Ching is part of the program.  The I Ching work also involves self-inquiry; the study of knowing one's own being.  It also includes the study of cosmology; of working with symbols that create a kind of ordering of the universe, through the sixty-four hexagrams (that detail the various phenomena of life), the eight elements/trigrams that form the building blocks of that order, and the underlying forces of Yin and Yang, of the Taiji (supreme oneness), and the emptiness (Wuji) that permeates it.  By understanding cosmology and understanding our own self, we comprehend inner and outer reality alike. Without being able to understand reality, we cannot achieve an awareness based on truth, nor could we be truly ethical people.

Yi Fa Qi Gong and the I Ching are based on the same foundational virtues, which are promoted and developed through the Yi Fa Society program.  These are Union (or "love"), Discipline, Harmony (or "balance") and Truth (or "wisdom").  The system is also based on connecting to one's true nature or true Will, which the I Ching refers to as the Superior Individual.  Those four practices of Virtue are essential to being able to uncover that true nature, to move away from associating with the 'conditioning' of our reactive ego and to move toward our real individuality.

There are other details of introductory Yi Fa Society practices, such as working with ritual, vibration and mantra, and mind-training; and later levels introduce other practices as well. But those core elements of Qi Gong inner alchemy, the insights of I Ching study, the cultivation of Virtue, and Meditation, are central to the Yi Fa Society work at all levels.

If you are interested in an esoteric training program to develop your connection to your true will and to work on progress toward transcendence, please feel free to contact us.


  1. How to become a member of the Yi Fa Society? What is the rules and the costs?

    1. If you want to join the society, add me on facebook and I'll talk to you about it.